New Partnership announced

Shining Bright Futures


U-educate is proud to announce a newly formed partnership with the community interest organisation Shining Bright Futures. U-educate’s collaboration with the organisation will help support the implementation of their community projects through our network of customers and partner companies.

Shining Bright Futures identifies education, personal development, wellbeing and community support as its core foundations and recognises U-educate as the perfect partner to draw upon its expertise to maximise the impact of its provision.  

Director Adam Gray stated:Adam Gray from U-Educate

U-educate already has a strong ‘added value service’ that we offer to our schools that draws upon our experience working in education. However, we want to develop this further and maintain our involvement within the community as a whole. 

Working alongside Shining Bright Futures will provide the platform to give something back to the community, especially within this current difficult climate. We recognise that there is going to be a need for health, well-being and employability support and know we have joined up with an organisation that shares our core values and vision to fulfil both organisations goals.”