U-Educate is teaming up with its professional clientele of educators to provide students with small bespoke online tutoring.

Online Tutoring is available for primary, secondary and SEND schools and other alternative education providers for: 

  • catch-up sessions
  • students currently not in school
  • SATs, GCSE and A-Level exam preparation, and
  • pupils who require extra support with learning.
  • Maths and English functional skills

High quality tutors 

We will carefully select a quality tutor who has the skills to meet your school and pupils’ needs. Our tutoring pool includes fully qualified and experienced primary, SEND and secondary subject specialist teachers and teaching assistants, who have in-depth knowledge of the national curriculum and are well-versed is delivering engaging online learning.

Round-the-clock tuition 

Sessions are not just available throughout the school day in term-time. You can also book online tutoring: 

  • before and after school
  • at weekends, and
  • during school holidays.

Interactive learning 

Engaging learning sessions are all delivered through Microsoft teams as it is easy to navigate and offers the following: 

  • high quality video and sound
  • live chat messaging
  • interactive whiteboard
  • document screen sharing, and
  • collaborative text editor tool, which allows both tutors and students to annotate documents together.

Tutor sessions will be varied from a ratio of 1 teacher to 3 students to 1 teacher to 5 students, allowing the tutor to provide the best support and attention to the pupils. All that is required to access the sessions are:

  • a laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a webcam
  • access to the internet

During group sessions, the tutor can switch between working with all students together and supporting individual pupils privately – like they would in the classroom. 

Once the session has finished, pupils can still access any documents completed, to assist them with their learning and revision.  For safeguarding reason all sessions will be recorded and can be accessed for revision purposes.

Safety first 

All our tutors are qualified and have been fully vetted through our rigorous safeguarding and interview processes, which are in line with both the Department for Education and Recruitment and Employment Confederation’s guidelines, and all sessions are recorded and securely stored centrally.

Great value 

Our hourly tutoring rates represent great value for money. You will quickly see the positive results of the sessions, which will ensure you’re making effective use of your school’s budget, Catch-up Funding and Pupil Premium.